With launch of Stadia, Google enters battle for cloud gaming market

Ever-expanding Google will become a gaming company Tuesday with the launch of its Stadia cloud service, which lets people play console-quality video games in a web browser or on a smartphone.

The internet giant hopes to break into the global video game industry — expected to top $150 billion this year — with cloud technology that could broaden audiences attracted by rich new features as well as ease of access with no more need for consoles.


But analysts say Stadia’s outlook is uncertain as its faces rivals such as PlayStation Now in an emerging and highly competitive market.

Stadia plays into a trend in which content — ranging from blockbuster films to work projects — lives in the cloud and is accessible from any device.

“All of these new services are merely pointing out that we don’t need sophisticated hardware in the home to access entertainment,” said Wedbush Securities equity research managing director Michael Pachter.

But analysts say Stadia could wind up as another bet that Google walks away from if it fails to live up to expectations.




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