Will ‘Fake’ Clouds Stall Your Enterprise Cloud Transformation?

“The cloud? Sure, we’re in the cloud. We ported our on-prem solution to a virtual machine.”

Heard that from your network hardware vendor recently? Don’t blame Jane Salesperson. She’s been selling appliances for years. It’s what she knows. It’s what she’s commissioned on. For her, and for the appliance company for which she works, the cloud has always been on the horizon. For vendors like Jane’s employer, the cloud may represent a threat to traditional hardware product lines.

So, Jane’s employer moves its solution to the cloud — only it’s not a real cloud. It’s fake. It’s the same technology, now further away.


The Push For The Cloud

IT leaders face corporate pressure to migrate to the cloud. Loyalty to a known technology can be an understandable barrier to change, and buying “the same thing but in the cloud” is an attractive option. But it may not be the way to drive growth. Moving to a cloud virtual machine (VM) of the same security hardware technology you used before doesn’t provide new scalability to perform full SSL inspection, nor redundancy, improved service availability or greater bandwidth.



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