Will Cloud Complexity Bankrupt Your Company?

It’s 2024. You’re a global 2000 company that’s in a bit of a bind. Your IT costs have almost doubled over the last 10 years, with no aligned increase in revenue. At the same time, your IT infrastructure couldn’t adjust to the simplest of changes required to keep abreast with changes in the market — or just keep up.

Cloud Complexity

Companies continue to move more and more of their operations into the cloud. In the process, the world of IT is getting more complex. Although many people view cloud computing as a replacement for traditional computing, it is actually an addition to existing systems that adds complexity along with risk and costs.

New cloud-native applications are being created to enhance value for the business, but they are also creating siloes and heterogeneous platforms for the IT department to manage. The introduction of multicloud environments (leveraging more than one public cloud) adds yet another layer of complexity and demands even more staff expertise.




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