Why the intel community is counting on more cloud success

The intelligence community launched a bold initiative in 2012 to use cloud services as a way to share between agencies and allow analytics tools to work with the entirety of the information agencies collected.

Those efforts have been successful, John Sherman, the intelligence community’s chief information officer, said at the annual DoDIIS conference in Tampa Aug. 20. Now the intelligence community wants to build on those plans for a new, expanded phase of cloud computing.

As the Central Intelligence Agency prepares to purchase tens of billions of dollars worth of cloud services, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence used the conference to publicly unveil its strategy for cloud computing within the intelligence community.

cloud computing

The new approach calls for an integrated, interoperable, secure cloud system that is reliable, survivable, and accessible from any location under any conditions. In short, the intelligence community wants to use the cloud, artificial intelligence and machine learning to bring the vast data collected by the diverse agencies to the hands of the users who need it, when they need it.

The strategy is the result of a November 2018 meeting of intelligence community deputies and chief information officers to discuss IC ITE, the intelligence community’s effort to use technology to integrate the agencies’ data and technologies.



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