Cloud Hosting has proved to be a stepping stone in the transition of the Information Technology market and digital India in 2018.  Cloud Hosting has progressively transformed India with the rapid growth of It industry and organisations allocating shares from their revenues for cloud innovations.  Though cloud hosting was highly accepted in India data security and cost has always been a significant concern with the use of public and private cloud respectively. It looks like Organisations have found that the Hybrid Cloud is the best solution to these raised concerns. The Indian enterprises have started adopting Hybrid Cloud to gain the combined benefits of both Public and Private Cloud

Digital India

A survey report of 2018 indicates that 43% of Indian organisations will adopt the Hybrid cloud by 2020 with 50% of Indian enterprises using Hybrid clouds, especially in telecommunications and Healthcare Industries. According to the study done by the experts, India is all set to lead the world regarding Hybrid Cloud usage over the next two years

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