Why businesses fail to maximise the value of data visualisation

Data visualisation has become one of the hottest tools in data-driven business management over the past few years. As business intelligence software becomes a more central part of companies’ toolkits and data practices, visualisations have improved while concurrently becoming more precise and versatile.

Even so, not every case of a business implementing BI software and data visualisation is a success. Although they are meant to streamline data analysis and comprehension, they can sometimes produce the opposite effect.

data visualisation

A recent survey by Ascend2 revealed that despite their best intentions, many companies fumble their data visualisation implementations and end up doing more harm than good. While this has not necessarily affected the popularity of BI and data visualisation, it does raise some interesting questions about what companies can do right.

The survey shows that while many have had success with their data visualisation and data dashboard strategies, a majority have only been somewhat successful, or worse, unsuccessful.



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