Sponsored We all know AI and machine learning rely on vast amounts of data, just as we all know the Internet is largely cat videos and other user-generated content no one ever looks at.

Although the latter may well account for a large amount of the 6.72 ZB of data that is currently stored worldwide, according to IDC’s StorageSphere report, the former is a driving factor behind the 19.2 per cent CAGR in storage volumes projected between now and 2025.

Even as system builders weigh up the pros and cons of CPUs and GPUs, IDC predicts it is the storage element of AI hardware that is set to grow fastest this year, with revenues up 31.8 percent, compared to 26.4 percent for AI servers. To put that in context, revenues for the wider global data center systems market are expected to grow 7.7 percent in 2021, according to Gartner forecasts.

Source: https://www.nextplatform.com/2021/07/28/when-it-comes-to-ai-flash-is-getting-smaller-and-bigger/


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