What is changing for cloud computing in coming year?

IT budgets are often the first to take a beating during instabilities and slowdowns. With the odds of another recession looming large, we would naturally expect IT budgets to freeze. But the actual numbers reveal a slightly different perspective this time. In its IT spending forecast for 2020 in India, the research firm Gartner revealed that, business spending on IT is expected to increase by a healthy 9% in 2020. This is against a growth of 6% in 2019, which re-iterates the fact that the Indian enterprises are pacing toward a highly positive year.

cloud computing

When we take a closer look at the IT spending patterns within organizations, it’s increasingly clear that a large chunk of it is directed towards cloud and automation technologies. More than 80% of the enterprise workloads are expected to shift to the cloud by end of 2020.

Adoption levels of the cloud have steadily increased over the years. But, does that mean that we will begin to see some sort of a cloud slump? Absolutely not! Cloud computing revenues are predicted to rise through the roof in 2020, as it becomes the indispensable component of almost all the technology and business initiatives that an organization embarks on.While predictions are not always easy in the tech industry, here are some clear shifts that we see happening in the cloud space in 2020:



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