Understanding the Basics of DRaaS and Its Business Benefits

DRaaS or Disaster Recovery as a Service refers to a cloud computing and backup service model that utilizes the cloud resources for protecting the applications and data from any kind of loss or disruption in case of a disaster. DRaaS can give an organization a complete system backup allowing the business continuity in case of a system failure. DRaaS is often used with a disaster recovery plan (DRP) or a business continuity plan (BCP). DRaaS is often referred as business continuity as a service or BCaaS.


With a proper DRaaS plan in place, it enables the complete replication and backup of all cloud data and applications when serving as a secondary infrastructure. However, it acts as a new environment allowing the organization and the users to resume their daily processes when the primary infrastructure has undergone repairing and recovery. DRaaS can allow the applications to run over a virtual machine (VM) even in the absence of a real disaster.



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