Human resources (HR) teams across several industries are leveraging the internet of things (IoT) to improve the health, safety, productivity, and comfort of every single employee.

HR management is a field where HR managers are responsible for monitoring and enhancing relationships among employees and with the organization right from hiring to relieving. They have to hire suitable talent for their organizations to close the skills gap, ensure employees are safe and comfortable, and offer them the necessary services and benefits. To excel in these tasks, HR managers need to constantly monitor and track employees’ work, behavior, activities, and comfort. Traditionally, HR personnel used to monitor employees by observing them, using feedback forms, or by integrating monitoring software in computers. But, such methods of monitoring cannot provide an accurate and objective assessment, which can lead to miscommunication and reduced employee engagement. HR teams can avoid such consequences by shifting towards the use of IoT in HR management, which can provide more precise monitoring of employees’ growth, health, productivity, and comfort in an organization.

The Advantages of Implementing IoT in HR Management

Implementing IoT in the HR department can assist HR personnel in almost all their duties and responsibilities, be it recruiting, monitoring, or paying employees.


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