Top pharma use cases for the cloud

From designing commercial trials to track-and-trace management, cloud computing offers several compelling use cases for pharmaceutical companies.

Applications delivered in the cloud and paid for as a subscription are enabling businesses to enjoy the benefits of enterprise solutions without having to dedicate specific resources or significant cash flow to a single tool.

cloud computing

“The industry is definitely on the growth side of cloud computing services,” said Ponemon Institute founder Larry Ponemon.

Mike Townsend, IDC research manager for life sciences commercial strategies, added, “What’s great about cloud is the cost of entry is much lower because they’re subscribing to software and, in some cases, storage applications that can scale very easily — there aren’t a lot of upfront costs.”

Let’s take a look at some of the applicable use cases for pharma today.

Clinical trials and supply chain

Cloud computing can be a major help in designing clinical trials and supply chain, to cite two examples.

“One of the big challenges is trying to locate enough subject patients in a certain area, and a lot of that info may be held by different organizations or specific practices,” Townsend said.

Much of that information can be hosted on the cloud, which makes it easier to achieve the number needed for a particular study.



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