Tipping the scales in the cloud: From security risk to security’s friend

Cloud first, that’s the mantra for many organisations today. So, how curious that there was once a time when adoption was not so straightforward.

Many saw the cloud as an experimental technology suitable for nothing more important than storing holiday photos, while others cited security and compliance concerns as obstacles to adoption.

cloud security

Perceptions have changed. No longer is the mention of cloud met with an instant intake of breath and question about security. In fact, there is an understanding that cloud can make your IT environment even more secure and compliant than the use of on-premise infrastructure alone.

One of the main reasons for this changing perception is experience. Organisations have become less concerned about security as they gain more exposure to cloud services. Equally they have understood that there is nothing to fear from the cloud if they adopt solid security practices; while trying to block cloud adoption will only lead to users bypassing IT, creating bigger security risks.

However, maybe the biggest part of the equation is that the cloud is inherently more secure. There’s no reason to suggest that operating private infrastructure – where you would be responsible for monitoring and patching – would be any more secure than the public cloud and the resources at providers’ disposal.



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