The shocking reality of cloud computing in the enterprise

The cloud has been driven by developer convenience, and those same developers are choosing services from different clouds, running them throughout an enterprise. The finding of Flexera’s RightScale 2019 State of the Cloud report suggests that 84 percent of enterprises surveyed have a multicloud strategy.

cloud computing

It’s the cloud all the way down to the data center. RightScale polled 786 cloud professionals to figure out adoption trends. As shown in Flexera’s data, enterprises are a bit all over the map in terms of cloud strategy. While all areas of cloud are growing, public cloud adoption vastly outpaces private cloud, and the mingling of both public and private cloud (hybrid cloud) beats them both as single phenomenon. This makes sense, because companies are going big with public cloud but need to find ways to rationalize those investments against the sunk costs of their private data centers.

The primacy of public cloud in this hybrid mix becomes clear in a Credit Suisse CIO survey, which found that the Big 3 hybrid cloud vendors are Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform—that is, the Big 3 public cloud providers. It’s also telling that 51 percent of these same respondents told Credit Suisse that they would be shutting down most or at least a few of their data centers of the next several years.



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