The Advantages of Cloud Computing for Business Today

One of the key advantages of cloud computing is that it can dramatically lower the cost of entry for smaller enterprises that want to undertake compute-intensive business analytics, writes Computer Business Review’s Conor Reynolds.

With the rise of data analytics, AI systems and machine learning, data processing is quickly becoming not just a business advantage, but is proving crucial for companies just trying to keep pace with competitors.

cloud computing

The potential cost benefits that cloud computing could represent for the industry as a whole have been recognised for years: as one 2013 academic report puts it: “By sharing resources to smooth out peaks, paying only for what is used, and cutting upfront capital investment in deploying IT solutions, the economic value will be there.”

CloudKnoxThe simplest way to define cloud computing is that it is the outsourcing of data storage and compute. Rather than store or process information on your own premises, you essentially subcontract this to specialist providers that typically have almost unlimited capacity, along with umpteen extra services; if you are willing to pay, of course.



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