Scale Computing says it was proved right on edge over cloud

Edge specialist Scale Computing has just launched its pint-sized HC3 Edge appliance to support the developing market. With this solution, the company could be branded as a “baby-Nutanix” hyperconverged infrastructure vendor.

The new HE150, which is powered by Intel technology, offers a “low-cost” edge solution that is built on a tiny form factor, making it ideal to deploy in small clusters where “highly available” computing was previously “cost-prohibitive”, said the vendor.

Scale Computing

Data Economy visited Scale Computing in San Francisco last week, as part of the IT Press Tour, which saw a select band of press and analysts visit a dozen companies in Silicon Valley, to see how the cloud and edge data management markets were developing.

The new appliance introduces HC3 Edge Fabric – all-in-one virtualisation infrastructure – which eliminates the need for a backplane network switch requirement, lowering the TCO and delivering simpler connectivity for edge networks. HC3 uses an open-source hypervisor.



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