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Robot-related services powered by cloud computing will reach US$157.8 billion in annual revenue by 2030, according to new figures released by ABI Research.

The analyst firm says despite being only in its nascent stages, the value of cloud infrastructure to robots is key for both deployment (encompassing development, configuration, and instalment) and operation (maintenance, analytics, and control).

With the popularisation of mobile robotics in a wide range of verticals, it will become necessary to utilise the computing power of cloud infrastructure to store and manage the vast troves of collected data as well as to train more advanced algorithms used to power robot cognition, it says.

“Since 1961, most commercial robots have been wired or tied to external infrastructure for movement. The next generation of robot deployments will be increasingly mobile, tied to cellular and WIFI connectivity, will consume vast troves of data in order to operate autonomously, and will need effective management through real-time measurements for performance, status and operability,” explains Rian Whitton, senior analyst at ABI Research.

“Several cloud service providers, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud, have begun collaborating with robotics developers, while start-ups like InOrbit target cloud-enabled operations for the first major deployment of mobile service robots.”

Whitton says the journey of the robot industry from one of individual vehicles and units, to fleets and larger systems, is being driven by its wider incorporation into the IoT ecosystem.


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