RBS: Five Factors Behind Cloud Security

Following recent insights into the Internet-of-Things (IoT) and automation, Real-Time Business Solutions (RBS), specialists in smart systems for ports and terminals have taken a look at ‘Cloud Security’ – including what is driving its growth and five crucial things all terminals must know.

Previous insights from RBS argued against the myth that Cloud architecture weakens a terminal operating system’s (TOS) security structure and credited the strict regulation providers have to comply with for preventing data loss.

cloud security

In fact, as TOS’ become an ever more important part of marine infrastructure, so has the Cloud software, where data and information are kept safely in one location, which supports them.

According to RBS, the “surge of connectivity in IoT is the main contributor to the grand shift towards the takeover of cloud technology.”

Consequently, the IoT, the Internet of Things, has seen terminals and organizations to pursue Cloud-based TOS’ in a bid to resolve operational inefficiencies and improve overall performance.

“Although several TOS providers tend to pitch this buzzword at every opportunity,” RBS says, “nearly all system infrastructures evade entirely from the core cloud characteristics and components.

“Instead of achieving maximum ROI, which is a forefront deliverable of the cloud, they confront a surplus in expenses and experience a downturn in performance.

“As a result, these TOS which claim to be cloud-based foster an undermining perception of how powerful a true cloud TOS can manifest on a terminal.”



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