Oracle Offers Free Cloud Services to Snag New Customers

Database giant Oracle (NYSE: ORCL) has been trying to break into the cloud infrastructure market, which is dominated by Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. The company has talked a big game, but that talk hasn’t been backed up with results or transparency. Oracle stopped disclosing key cloud metrics last year, making it difficult to tell how its cloud business is really doing.

cloud service

Oracle’s latest move to spur adoption of its cloud might actually work. The company announced on Sept. 16 that it was introducing a new free tier, giving developers permanent access to a set of free cloud services and credits for additional services. This provides developers with a no-risk way to try out Oracle’s cloud, which could help the company attract customers who would have otherwise chosen one of the market leaders by default.

A generous offering

Free tiers from cloud computing providers are nothing new. Amazon Web Services, for example, offers a mix of always-free services and 12-month trials. Notably, Amazon offers an always-free version of its DynamoDB database, which competes directly with Oracle’s bread-and-butter database business.

Oracle’s new free tier appears more generous than Amazon’s when it comes to the core services necessary to develop an application, although Amazon’s catalog of services eligible for some sort of free trial is much larger. Here are the key cloud services Oracle now offers for free:



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