Nvidia EGX takes AI computing to the edge of the network

Nvidia is launching its EGX Platform to bring real-time artificial intelligence to the edge of the network. That means AI computing will happen at the edge of the network, where sensors collect data before it is sent to cloud-connected data centers.

“There’s a massive change in the computing industry being driven by growth of [Internet of Things] sensors,” said Justin Boitano, senior director of enterprise and edge computing, in a press briefing. “There are cameras for seeing the world, microphones for hearing the world, and devices being deployed so machines can detect what is happening in the real world.”


But that means there’s an exponential increase in the amount of raw data that has to be analyzed.

“We will soon hit a crossover point where there is more computing power at the edge than in data centers,” Boitano said.

Nvidia and its customers will offer a new class of servers for instant AI on real-time streaming data in markets such as telecommunications, medicine, manufacturing, retail, and transportation. Nvidia showed the platform at the Computex event in Taiwan.

Nvidia EGX will provide accelerated computing at the edge for low-latency transactions, or those with minimal time delays between interactions. It will enable real-time reactions to data pouring in from sensors for 5G base stations, warehouses, retail stores, factories and beyond.



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