More companies turn to cloud computing to cut operating costs

US technology giant IBM sees Indonesia as one of most potential markets in Asia for its cloud computing service as more companies have turned to third-party data storage providers to cut operating costs.

IBM Indonesia’s country manager for cloud and solutions Lianna Susanto said in Jakarta on Monday that the cloud computing business in Indonesia was quite promising as many companies had used clouding computing rather than their internal data storage to cut operating costs.


Using cloud computing, companies would not need to spend large to build their internal data storage system, she said. “Companies would be more focused to expedite their business growth by using cloud services,” Lianna said.

Lianna said IBM had recorded 12 percent revenue growth in the cloud computing business globally, adding that the company aimed at double-digit revenue growth in Indonesia.

“We are hoping for double digitdouble-digitIndonesia] because we have recorded revenue growth in the cloud [business] of US$19.5 billion globally in the last 12 months,” she told The Jakarta Post. She, however, declined to unveil the value of the company’s sales in Indonesia.

Cloud services are starting to gain traction in Indonesia, but many companies are hesitant to use it due to the difficulty in data transfer, security-related doubts and uncertain public policy on cloud management, said Lianna.



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