Microsoft to Provide Cloud Computing, AI, and Voice Tech to Humana

Microsoft has agreed to provide cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and voice technologies to health insurer Humana under a seven-year partnership announced October 21.

Using Microsoft’s technologies and the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) interoperability standards, Humana plans to develop predictive and intelligent technologies to boost customer care by supplying real-time access to data to care teams through the Azure cloud platform.

cloud computing

The health insurer intends to standardize productivity and collaboration tools for its 41,600 workers on Microsoft 365. Humana personnel will be able to use Microsoft Teams to assist members, to manage and exchange patient records and documents securely, and to connect with care team and health plan managers via chat and voice.

Humana also intends to upgrade its health IT infrastructure and collect data on Azure to furnish a holistic analysis of the health history of its members and make it easier for members and their care teams to have health records where and when they need the data.



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