Microsoft Snyks In New Security For Open Source On Azure Cloud

Microsoft is now working with a company called Snyk to try and protect and secure the development of applications and ‘containers’ using open source when running on Microsoft’s Azure Cloud. Snyk (pronounced ‘snick’ or ‘sneak’) is a London, Massachusetts and Ontario headquartered company originally founded in the Israeli city of Tel-Aviv.

But before we look at the new Snyk partnership, let’s consider why Microsoft is working to lock down open source security, especially in cloud computing.



Applications are (obviously) applications or apps; some of which may exist in the cloud, but which will make ‘calls’ to various system resources inside and outside of the cloud environment to get what they need. Containers in cloud computing, by way of a reminder, are a more self-enclosed lunchbox of logic that includes an application, plus all its runtime environment needs (stuff it needs to run like memory access and more) as well as dependencies, libraries and configuration controls.

But whatever format cloud applications take — more standardized, or container-based — as the widespread use of open source increases at the enterprise level (which Microsoft has very visibly signed up to) the question of security comes up again and again.



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