In a recent AFPM webinar Bruce Taylor, Director of digital transformation at Sinclair Oil and Chair of AFPM’s OPCAT Committee, described digital transformation as “really focusing on getting incremental value from all of the investments made through digitalisation and figuring out new ways to apply them to bring incremental value to an enterprise and how it operates.”

The fuel and petrochemical industries have a long history of building strong cultures around environment, safety and community relations – and companies can use that experience to make cultural adaptation one of the core pillars of digital transformation.

Here are a few of the key characteristics that mark successful digital transformation efforts:

Prioritise communication and culture

Digital transformation should not be an IT initiative or a purely tech-centric activity. This effort is about transforming your business, its approach and interactions among the workforce – and is therefore a cultural transformation. In order to succeed, organisations must identify the cultural impacts of this transformation and address them proactively.


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