IoT will unlock the potential of cloud, the edge and blockchain

Technology is moving at an incredibly rapid pace, even if the recent “blockchain bubble” may have burst, the ups and downs in technology progression is far from over.

These cycles are highly important when it comes to technological evolution as learning and refinement helps to make technology fit for purpose. An area that has been emerging as a relatively new theme over the last few years is edge computing, how it will complement or even replace centralised clouds and how it will help meet the demands of the ever increasing volumes of data generated with the evolution of a “smart” world.


There are some staggering predictions when it comes to this proliferation of data. Global population increases are not slowing down and developing economies are seeing more and more people acquire mobile devices. On top of this, developed economies are seeing the number of smart devices grow exponentially. This trend will only accelerate as more cities become “smarter”, which is another very emerging and topical movement.

As a result, it is little wonder that 29bn connected devices are expected to be in operation by 2022 and over 75bn IoT devices by 2025 worldwide. The forecasts vary widely from source to source, but the trend is undeniable. So, how will all this data be verified, managed and, most importantly, protected?



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