In public cloud, what worked at 1PB won’t work at 100PB

Public cloud has served as a catalyst to nearly every successful enterprise. It brought into being a plethora of startups. For small teams with great ideas the public cloud’s cost model and convenience made it possible to build a business. Public cloud providers unlocked innovations that otherwise would have taken much longer or never would have seen the light of day.

Public cloud

Charging startups only for the storage used, public cloud providers not only enabled their customers’ growth but powered their own amazing expansion, too. Forrester projects that, even in a supposed slowed growth phase, between 2018 and 2022 the revenue from public cloud infrastructure, platforms, and apps will have a compound annual growth rate of 21%, reaching $411 billion. It’s a given these days that some applications are public-cloud exclusive; it’s what they’re built for and never migrate out of. Enterprises that contributed to this remarkable growth found a way to do more with less by consolidating workloads thanks to moving to the cloud.



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