IBM Garage Aims To Steer The Drive To Cognitive Business

Companies used to be just companies. They used to be firms, organizations, business concerns, partnerships and sometimes even institutions. That all changed with cloud computing, connected mobile device ubiquity, the Internet of Things (IoT), big data analytics and Artifical Intelligence. Now, today, companies have to think of themselves as [insert inspirational adjective here] enterprises.

IBM Garage

This is the resounding message coming out of the technology industry these days as it seeks to ply us with its latest wares and encourage us to become digital businesspeople. There’s the intelligent enterprise, the self-driving enterprise, the plain old smart enterprise, the data-driven enterprise and the perhaps more cerebral sounding cognitive enterprise.

Understanding cognitive business

This last label (cognitive) is the preferred term of IBM. The company (sorry, the cognitive enterprise IT vendor) has set out what it thinks are key steps and methods for becoming a cognitive enterprise operator. But how exactly should companies change the way they work if they want to become a new entity in this way?



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