Huge demand driving cloud computing growth in MENA region

When US technology conglomerate Microsoft opened their very first data centres in the Middle East, it represented another significant milestone in the growth of cloud computing in the region. This feature examines the burgeoning cloud computing market in the MENA region, and explore some of the predictions being made for its future growth.

In June 2019, Microsoft opened new data centres in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, and its management said that the sheer demand in the Middle East provided them with the confidence they needed to invest billions in data centres’ right across the MENA region.

Cloud Computing

Sayed Hashish, General Manager of Microsoft Gulf said there was a phenomenal scope for cloud business with new data centres driving digital transformation, economic growth and job creation in the region.

Hashish said, “We are investing billions of dollars across our data centres. Huge demand is giving us confidence to invest.For regional enterprises, moving to a cloud system hosted by a specialised company proves cheaper than creating their own infrastructure of servers, hardware and security networks.



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