HUAWEI CLOUD ModelArts2.0: Revolutionizing AI Development

SHANGHAI, Sept. 23, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — At HUAWEI CONNECT 2019, Jack Jia, General Manager of HUAWEI CLOUD EI Service Product Dept, announced the release of a new one-stop AI development and management platform, ModelArts2.0.

HUAWEI CLOUD officially released ModelArts in 2018. So far, ModelArts has served more than 40,000 developers and is widely used in industries such as construction, Internet, and healthcare.

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Jack Jia announced that ModelArts2.0 has made AI development simpler and more automatic. ModelArts2.0 is a massive leap forward in terms of data preparation, algorithm development, model training, model management, and model inference. ModelArts2.0 includes more than 10 new features and services, covering the entire life cycle of an AI model.

In terms of data processing, ModelArts2.0 automatically filters out invalid data for training models using the intelligent data filtering feature. For example, defocused or overexposed images will be filtered out for labeling in a visual analysis scenario. In business scenarios, other items will be filtered out.




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