HSBC focuses cloud and DevOps vision with $10 million investment

HSBC has been moving towards a cloud-first world – and the bank’s latest endeavour has shed light on how it is pushing ahead in the DevOps sphere.

The company is investing $10 million (£7.8m) in capital investment to CloudBees, the continuous delivery software provider and arbiter of open source automation server Jenkins.


This is by no means an entirely altruistic act, with HSBC using CloudBees significantly since 2015 in order to bolster its software delivery system. The companies had previously gone public about their relationship; HSBC was at a CloudBees event in April, as reported by Computerworld UK.

Regular readers of this publication will be aware of the bank’s cloudy aspirations, in particular its relationship with Google Cloud. In 2017 Darryl West, HSBC CIO, took to the stage at Google Next in San Francisco to discuss the companies’ collaboration. West noted that the total amount of data the company held at the time was more than 100 petabytes, and that, having dipped their toes into the Hadoop ecosystem as far back as 2014, it had been a ‘tough road’ in some places.



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