How to improve cloud management through cloud resource tagging policy

Good cloud governance relies on good tag hygiene: a disciplined, well-designed approach to tagging.

In the multi-cloud environments that enterprises are embracing, implementing enterprise-grade cloud governance platforms is the key to successful management of highly complex pricing structures and evolving cloud services. Using automation to maintain good tag hygiene will support critical governance initiatives for cloud security, cloud cost reporting, and cloud cost optimisation.

cloud management

Applying a consistent set of tags—specifically for governance—globally across all of your resources will add metadata specific to your organisation. This can help improve categorisation of each of your cloud resources for cost allocation, reporting, chargeback and showback, cost optimisation, compliance, and security. Once implemented, a robust tagging policy will enable your organisation to optimise costs across all cloud providers and guarantee that your company has access to all of the cloud services it requires.



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