How to become a computing expert in software, web and cloud

The cloud computing business is growing bigger every day. Between now and 2023, the global cloud computing market size is poised to grow by US$190.32 billion, progressing at a CAGR of over 16 percent.

Attitudes of business owners have certainly changed in the last few years. Where before they would have been sceptical to adopt internet cloud computing, today they can’t wait to add more. While Amazon Web Services was the pioneer in this field, Microsoft is catching up as a strong second contender, with its Microsoft Azure unit – which supplies cloud-based computer processing and storage – growing by 63 percent from a year before in the most recent quarter.

computing expert in software

What all this translates to is a wealth of new opportunities emerging for computing professionals today. At Tampere University, a whole department specialises in training computing professionals to take advantage of these opportunities.



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