Recent research by Vodafone showed that 84 percent of businesses that had begun to adopt Internet of Things (IoT) technologies found they had a positive impact on their ability to function during the pandemic.

The research, based on a survey of more than 1,600 businesses, was carried out for the Vodafone IoT Spotlight in May 2020 and aimed to understand how businesses were adapting during the uncertainty created by the pandemic.

Companies reported that IoT helped them remain connected to customers, suppliers and employees. In fact, the research indicated that more businesses are turning to IoT to help them grow and adapt in the face of unforeseen events.

IoT Enables Remote Work

IoT continues to enable workers to move to home-based offices and continue to work as the pandemic goes on. But while many knowledge workers and IT admins have been able to transition to working at home and maintain physical separation by using online collaboration tools, this isn’t an option for those with jobs that require contact with people and systems in the physical world, said Jason Shepherd, vice president, ecosystem at Santa Clara, Calif.-based Zededa, a provider of IoT and edge computing services.


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