Internet of Things (IoT) security is a growing concern for retailers. “IoT is one of the biggest trends in the market today,” said Itzik Feiglevitch, product manager for Check Point Software Technologies at the RSA Conference in May 2021. Huge numbers of devices are expected to be added in the coming years to company networks.

And while Feiglevitch said they’re great—they increase operational efficiency and move companies into the digital world—a retailer also needs to take into consideration that “all of those IoT devices are now part of our networks, and they bring with them lots of security risks.”

According to Check Point’s research, a typical enterprise of 5,000 employees could have as many as 20,000 IoT devices. “I know it seems like a huge number, but think of all the IP TVs, printers, surveillance cameras, or the sensors inside the buildings, the smart elevators, smart lighting—everything is connected to the enterprise network.”


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