How enterprises can work with smaller vendors to win the cloud wars

For years, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud have hogged the headlines when it comes to cloud computing as they battle for the biggest piece of the same pie. As of April, AWS remained in the lead, with a 43 percent market share compared with 22 percent and seven percent for Azure and Google, respectively.

cloud wars

With big-name customers and virtually unlimited resources for innovation, it’s no surprise these vendors get the first look when enterprises begin to consider cloud solutions. But smaller vendors play an important role in the cloud market. In fact, depending on your organization’s priorities, a smaller cloud vendor may provide the ideal combination of flexibility and support you need as part of your multi-cloud environment.

You may not know them by name – and they currently make up just 16 percent of the public cloud market – but smaller companies are primed to unleash the next big cloud innovation. Your enterprise won’t want to miss out when they do. Here’s how IT decision makers can push through the noise of the Big Three cloud players and consider the offerings that matter most to their organizations when it comes to the cloud.



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