How Digital Transformation is integrating the Healthcare service

DX has revolutionised the way we shop, bank and travel. Data analytics and connected devices together can transform every aspect of a business. Digital technologies are moving at a faster pace and are all set to influence our health and fitness. Healthcare industry has adopted digital transformation in a quest to deliver better healthcare experience. The technological evolutions have disrupted the Indian healthcare industry. The healthcare and pharmaceutical industries have gone digital and implemented a customer-centric approach in their system. The emerging technologies have enhanced the diagnosis, treatment and management in the healthcare industry.

AI in Healthcare

Let us see how Digital Transformation is a game-changer in the healthcare industry.

1. Rise of Big Data in Medicine

Big data in healthcare ease the process of collecting, analysing and leveraging clinical data that is too complex to be processed by traditional methods of healthcare. Digitisation of the healthcare industry has encouraged the use of big data analytics for strategic decision-making. According to a survey, big data in healthcare is growing at a faster pace than other sectors. Big data in healthcare is estimated to reach $34.27 billion by the year 2022.



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