How Cloud Technology Uses Differently in Three African Countries

TechInAfrica – World Wide Worx conducted a research project—Cloud Africa 2018—across three African countries: Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa. The decision makers of 300 medium and large organizations were interviewed about the usage, benefits, and intentions of cloud computing.

World Wide Worx has conducted similar research about Cloud usage among medium and large organizations for more than five years. Throughout the period, the numbers have more than doubled, from fewer than 50% using it in 2013 to pervasive use in 2018.

cloud technology

The World Wide Worx’s Managing Director, Arthur Goldstuck said: “It is no longer about whether to use the cloud, but what benefits are being gained from the cloud. These depend heavily on the dynamics of each market, so we were not surprised to see that businesses in each country emphasized different benefits.”Goldstuck said that respondents in Kenya and Nigeria agreed that Business efficiency and Scalability were the most significant benefit of Cloud, with 80% and 75% each, considering it as a benefit. Meanwhile, in South Africa, only 61% of respondent who thought the same.

“The opposite happened with the most important benefit among South Africans: Time-to-market or speed of deployment came in as the most prominent, at 68% of respondents. In contrast, only 48% of companies in Kenya and 28% in Nigeria named it as a key benefit,” Goldstuck added.




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