The “Digital India” initiative has given wings to the government of India to innovate new methods to implement the technology and make lives more comfortable for the Indians. In the era where every little thing is being digitised, Cloud hosting has proved to be the stepping stone in making of Digital India. It has progressively transformed not only, the IT industries but also, gaming, media and all set to revamp the Indian Railways

Indian railway is known to be the most extensive network in Asia and 2nd largest in the world. According to the reports, a total of 6853 railway stations are located in India and nearly, 13 million passengers travel every day. The Indian railway network is increasing day by day, and so, there have been frequent complaints regarding ticketing, security and many more. Thus, the Indian Railway Ministry has decided to revamp the railway network and make it digitised

cloud hosting has boosted Indian Railway economyTo provide a solution to the existing situation, the Indian Railway ministry launched RailCloud which is a strategic IT initiative. The estimated cost for implementing RailCloud is around 53 crore rupees aiming to build a single digital platform for Indian railways. Since Cloud Hosting has carried this digital era by storm, Indian railway ministry finds it to be the perfect match to improve passenger satisfaction, increase revenue and ensure safe operations. Cloud Hosting has given wings to digitise the railway network by enabling storage of large data within the same server space and enabling on-demand faster deployment of resources

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