Five Things You Don’t Know About Cloud Computing and Education

Over the last decade, we’ve seen educational institutions—from K-12 schools to colleges and universities—make tremendous strides in seizing the opportunities that modern technologies provide.

What you might not know is that these institutions are increasingly using the cloud to transform the efficiency, effectiveness, and responsiveness of our schools both around the country and across the world. In fact, 96 percent of leading research institutions are already using Amazon Web Services (AWS), as are 19 of the top 20 best-funded education technology startups. And as more schools continue to migrate workloads to the cloud, the benefits to students everywhere will multiply.

cloud computing

Here are the top five ways that the cloud is changing education today; many of them may surprise you.

1.Driving student success in the classroom and beyond

The ultimate goal of education is to help students grow and succeed, both in the classroom and in the workforce. The cloud can serve as a force multiplier in achieving this goal, putting additional tools to enhance student learning directly into the hands of educators. Indeed, hundreds of millions of students, educators, and researchers in more than 200 countries and territories have access to education technologies and online curricula running on AWS.

Tulsa Public Schools (TPS), for example, is using the cloud to identify students needing more help. They are developing a recommendation engine to leverage dropout rate data to predict and design interventions for at-risk students. The engine will also assess the outcomes of such interventions—information that will help tailor and improve recommendations over time.



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