The digital age has opened more opportunities for development and growth as ever before. This challenges the banks to adopt a new mindset, business approach and innovative technologies to take their services to the next level. Success in tackling these challenges relies on customer trust and loyalty. How to become a loved digital brand that provides exceptional user experience and establishes emotional connection with the clients?

 1. Customer expectations are constantly growing

When it comes to banking, 77% of banking customers feel that their bank’s performance falls short on their expectations, according to a FIS Pace study. Customers expect the digital banking products to solve their problems and ease their everyday lives in a pleasant and enjoyable way.

Tackle it with Financial UX

Only 19% of companies have a team of customer experience specialists that would help to bridge this gap between the customer expectations and the businesses. So, the first step of becoming a financial brand that can deliver up to the customer desires is to develop a strong team of either inhouse or outsourced UX specialists who can become the user advocates within the organization. Their job is to integrate customer-centered values and mindset throughout all levels of the organization, making sure that the processes meet the customer needs. This can be greatly facilitated if the C-level executives are actively involved in increasing the brand’s value through user centered strategy and products.


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