The data center industry is used to growth. The market is getting bigger, the power demands are skyrocketing, and the dollar valuations are through the roof.

“10 years ago, 20MW was huge,” Yondr chief development officer Pete Jones told DCD. “If someone offered you 20MW, you would have bought a Ferrari before you’d have done anything else.”

In just a few years, expectations have expanded massively – with 100MW+ data centers dotting the US countryside and growing in rural regions in the Nordics.

“There’s a certain complexity when you start to scale that isn’t just linearly proportional to the number of megawatts,” Jones warned, nothing that the bigger you grow the harder it gets. “Your burden goes up, and if things go wrong at scale the consequences are so much larger – you need to have a much more robust, thick-skinned leadership team for these projects.”


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