The Covid-19 pandemic is causing tectonic plates to slide in the automotive industry, and in indeed in many others.

However, it’s not the only factor that is causing a shift. Consumer purchasing behavior, electric vehicle adoption is increasing, connect and autonomous vehicle technology is important, and there is a push to, as Markus Winkler is head of global automotive sector at Capgemini says: “Adopt sustainable operational practices, forcing the sector to not only assess its ecological balance sheet but its social and ethical responsibilities as well.”

Claes Herlitz, head of connected vehicles at Ericsson, says the mega-trends of autonomous drive and electrification are fueled by connectivity. With electric vehicles being pushed by lobbyists as supposedly a more sustainable and greener option that gasoline and diesel powered vehicles, he believes that the trend towards electrification wouldn’t happen without connectivity. He explains: “We need to know where the vehicle is and to estimate the travel range. As late as five to six years ago OEMs said they will deal with autonomous drive. You can’t accelerate autonomous drive without the presence of connectivity and ongoing ICT development.”





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