DataVisor Named a Global Leader in Cloud Computing

The Business Intelligence Group announced that it has awarded DataVisor a 2019 Stratus Award in the group’s annual business award program, in the Artificial Intelligence category. The organization sought to identify the companies, products and people that are offering unique solutions that take advantage of cloud technologies.

“DataVisor is at the forefront of the cloud helping to drive practical innovations in the cloud”

DataVisor delivers the world’s most sophisticated AI-powered solutions to keep companies and their customers safe from fraud and abuse. The company’s flagship offering is dCube, a comprehensive fraud management solution. dCube combines breakthrough AI with enterprise workflows to put full control in the hands of fraud and data science teams to proactively defeat emerging fraud with speed and agility.


Underpinning all of DataVisor’s fraud solutions are proprietary unsupervised machine learning algorithms that can detect known and unknown malicious behavior with pinpoint accuracy—all without the need for lengthy training times, large datasets, or frequent re-tuning. The DataVisor approach combines applied machine learning capabilities with powerful investigative workflows and an intelligence network of more than 4B user accounts to provide real-time fraud analytics, insights, and protection to preserve the vital trust and security of users’ data. With visionary intelligence that moves faster than the speed of fraud, DataVisor empowers clients to grow safer, stronger, more connected digital businesses.



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