Cybersecurity is commonly regarded as the biggest strategic challenge confronting the United States. Recent headlines only confirm this trend, as every day seems to bring with it the announcement of a new vulnerability, hack or breach. Since 2013, the U.S. intelligence community has ranked cybersecurity as the No. 1 threat facing the nation in each of its annual global threat assessments. Only in 2021 at the height of a global pandemic did cybersecurity lose its top spot.

However, there is one major fault with the commonly accepted wisdom about cybersecurity: It has a blind spot. 

More specifically, traditional cybersecurity measures all too frequently fail to account for data science methodologies and the vulnerabilities that are unique to artificial intelligence systems. The policies being developed and deployed to secure software systems do not account for data science activities and the AI systems they give rise to, namely the user’s or system’s need for access to many large datasets in a manner that often doesn’t align with current cybersecurity fundamentals and implementations.



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