Competition grows over ‘edge cloud’ computing market in Korea

With telecom companies here accelerating efforts to process massive data at faster speeds since the launch of the fifth-generation cellular network, competition in the cloud edge computing market has intensified.

The country’s major mobile carrier KT said Sunday it had installed cloud computing systems at mobile communication centers in Seoul and Busan, where it has been operating edge computing technology since March to improve 5G network quality.

Edge Computing

Combining cloud services with edge computing, the cloud edge system boosts the network’s processing speed by minimizing latency. It does not have to go through a centralized data center, which is a standard for standalone cloud computing.

“Depending upon the need for data processing, the cloud edge system in Seoul and Busan can share the burden and reduce latency,” KT said in a statement. “Previously, all data had to be processed at a central data center in Seoul and its surrounding area.”



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