Clouds at the Digital Edge: Making most of IT with multi-cloud connectivity

One of the outcomes of digital transformation that we’ve discussed in Interconnections is the changing role of the IT organization as it moves from being a centralized authority to an advisor, broker and orchestrator of business services across multiple clouds. By mixing and matching your company’s business needs to the best cloud services, you have the opportunity to create a more agile, flexible and scalable IT service delivery infrastructure that better supports your organization’s digital business goals. But are you making the most out of this new dynamic, digital environment?

multi cloud connectivity

As the perimeter of your IT organization extends out to the digital edge, where population centers (customers, employee, partners) and digital ecosystems (clouds, mobile, social networks, B2B partners) meet, legacy corporate networks are being brought to a breaking point. Today’s more mobile, digital users have high expectations, and they expect you to deliver a high quality of experience (QoE), scalability and resiliency without exception. Enterprises that rely on the “best efforts” of the public internet are finding that those efforts are often not good enough.

Backhauling traffic over the public internet to access centralized cloud services has never been particularly effective or efficient, but with ever-more globally dispersed user communities and business partner ecosystems, it’s quickly becoming a showstopper. To combat high-latency networks, expensive WAN connections and the inconsistent performance of private and public global networks, you need a more distributed and interconnected cloud strategy.



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