Cloud Migration Mantras

Almost all type of organizations worldwide are adopting cloud computing models for its numerous benefits, but migrating existing applications and data to a cloud platform is filled with challenges. Cloud migrations and deployment can be made easy provided the organization has done adequate plans for action to work out the various tasks during a migration exercise. In this post we explore a number of significant points to consider while moving internal IT systems to a cloud.

Cloud Migration

The transfer of legacy systems or the migration of existing applications from internal systems to the cloud may sound easy, but not always as easy as it appears.  Though cloud models offer numerous configurations to easily integrate most of the software systems and applications, the IT department and management have a major role to play in a changed virtualized environment. Management along with IT should ensure that the migration is efficient, effective and business operations are not disrupted. This is because organizations may fail to understand the service provider’s true capabilities, or the approach to integrate business processes prior to migration may be inadequately planned

Organizations normally decide for cloud service models to overcome challenges in

  • Executing business objectives more effectively, solving constraints in information flows
  • Ensuring service availability and superior performance
  • Managing and usage of latest technology and architectures

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