Cloud computing influencing the IT industry

While cloud computing is bringing about a paradigm shift in the IT industry, cloud environments, despite providing numerous advantages, also have challenges and are prone to risks. Jyothis Joseph, Associate Director, Netrix LLC, tells us more.

With businesses and organizations growing rapidly, the traditional method of building IT is only escalating costs. This high expenditure and excessive time consumption are witnessed for buying hardware, licenses and servers besides software installation in the traditional IT environment.

Cloud computing

Today, with disruptive technologies playing a key role in the industry, physical IT infrastructure is giving way to virtual IT systems, hosted on a cloud. Yes, cloud computing is bringing about a paradigm shift in the IT industry. New technologies have developed, and now, there are various ways to virtualize the IT systems and to access the needed application on the Internet, through web-based applications. This means: no IT costs for hardware or servers.

Talent, equipped with new-age skills and specialties are increasingly in demand with traditional IT roles becoming redundant with lesser need for IT support staff. Traditional IT infrastructure has been replaced with the transfer of more applications to private or public clouds. Software developers will have to adjust the ways they create and deliver applications. Organizations across the globe are adopting new technologies and getting significant RoI.




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