Cloud Computing in Healthcare Market Growing at Rate 14%

According to Acumen Research and Consulting, the global Healthcare Cloud Computing market is expected to grow at noteworthy CAGR around 14 % throughout the forecast period and reach around US$ 40 billion by 2026.

The adoption rates for cloud computing has been increasing in past few years including BFSI, telecom, retail, and many more. The overall healthcare industry has been a slow adopter of technologies as majority of the key players have been focused on automating their backend offices, reimbursement, payment modules, business intelligence, and digital health records. Technology has penetrated so much that it has now begun to become an inherent component. Mobile phones and integrated mobility solutions have brought a revolution in the manner we live.

Cloud Computing in Healthcare

Cloud-based healthcare IT systems that deliver the potential for wide interoperability and integration can enhance healthcare functionality. Healthcare cloud services are internet-based and usually use conventional protocols, so it is usually simple to connect them to other devices and apps. However, contractual and technical impediments to EHR/EMR vendors remain a challenge. The capacity to readily and safely share data is critical, and cloud services are excellent enablers for this.

Cloud services also promote fast growth and innovation, particularly for mobile devices and the Internet of Things (IoT) platform, thereby meeting the requirements of the fresh and quickly progressing innovations on healthcare IT systems. Cloud services can use wired and wireless devices to allow remote access to apps and information via the Internet from anywhere that internet connectivity can be established at any time. Mobile device access support is often a function that is endorsed by health cloud services. Cloud services also provide access to a much wider ecosystem of partners in healthcare system such as providers, payers, life sciences and IT solutions; all of which further boosts the market penetration potential.




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