Cloud Computing and Mobile Devices: A Relation Impacting the Security Game

Comparing with the earlier era:

Before mobiles became ‘smartphones’, the life was slow, less hectic and mobiles were just merely what they are called – ‘mobiles’; meaning portable devices. Around a decade ago, a massive turnaround of investments happened through which there began an internet revolution. After that, mobiles became so powerful than even the desktops of an earlier decade

Cloud Computing

Security Breach

The term, ‘cloud computing’ further lead to the term ‘mobile cloud computing’ and these both words are one of the most used and misused terms in the technology industry today. The main purpose of these services lies in quicker access facility to the users irrespective of the location and time

The huge number of internet-connected device market is captured by smartphones today than other laptops and desktops, and therefore mobile cloud computing has grown to a high scale

The facts and figures on security breaches:

As per the latest study made by SANS Institute, 12% of the IT budget is spent on only security. The reasons are pretty evident. Studies show that companies are having chances of 27.7% of material data breach and they will have to spend over $3.6 million on it in the coming 2 years.


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