When do we call a city ‘smart’? Investments made in human capital & technology enabling high quality life, economic development and management of natural resources through human engagement together comprises of a smart city. The definition of a smart city differs from state to state and city to city depending on willingness to change and level of development needed. Indian Government’s definition of a smart city is “Smart City offers sustainability in terms of economic activities and employment opportunities to a wide section of its residents, regardless of their level of education, skills or income level”. Under any Smart City there are certain services which needs to be assured like water and electricity supply, solid waste management and sanitation, public transport, safety and security, IT connectivity, smart parking and many other basic needs which the smart city addresses.

cloud computing

In a smart city there are various softwares and applications which connect, fetches and manages data from a set of devices such as sensors and softwares that generate real time information, intelligence and analytics which aims to transform the overall city. It is understood that there is enormous amount of heterogeneous data generated by the applications, but to handle such high capacity of data we need larger silos and high compute power, thus the latest developments in smart cities is the adoption of cloud computing.



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